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Sep 2, 2011
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Rapid Prototyping bureau launches new resin at DSEi and TCT Live


Customers of one of UK and Ireland’s leading Rapid Prototyping bureaus, Laser Prototypes will now be able to source gloss black Prototype models as the company are set to launch their new SLA resin SL7820 at DSEi and TCT Live later this month.

SL7820 is an advanced white photopolymer resin that produces durable solid black models, ideal for the highly specialised electrical prototypes for the automotive and aerospace industry, where black is the concept modelling colour of choice. Parts produced in this tough new ABS-like resin have an excellent surface finish, and can show fine detail with no additional finishing or painting required, offering considerable savings in terms of both time and cost.

With high impact strength and elongation point, SL78210 is suitable for building automotive/aerospace parts, electronics, consumer good packaging, housing and toys.

Samples of this new resin will be available at both DSEi (Stand S4-270) and TCT Live (Stand G2), or by contacting a member of the Laser Prototypes team.

Tough black SLA resin at Laser Prototypes

New black SLA resin offers high quality surface finish and excellent durability