Jan 4, 2012
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Giving 3D Printing a human touch!


Design Academy Eindhoven graduate, Joon Han Lee has married traditional craftsmanship and 3D printing with the creation of Haptic Intelligensia. A human/robotic hybrid, Haptic Intelligensia allows the user to transform virtual objects into physical representations using tactical feedback.

The apparatus consists of a closed box accessible through a pair of rubber gloves, and a glue gun attached to a haptic computer controlled arm. As with fully automated 3D printing technology, a computer drawn object is created and and algorithm devised, it is here the similarities end.

The glue gun, controlled by the user is then guided via the robotic arm, which alerts the user when they are touching the contours of the virtual object through haptic feedback. Overall control of the glue gun, rests with the user who can decide how much or little glue is to be used along with whether or not to obey the sensory guide.

Resulting objects are therefore entirely dependent on the individual, with no two objects ever the same.  See the video link to view the Haptic Intelligensia in action and to hear from creator Joon Han Lee.



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