Jan 12, 2012
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Rapid prototyping reaches the home

Despite the potential for 3D printing in the home, high machine costs and the bulky nature of 3D printing equipment have kept this technology out of reach for the regular consumer. However all that is set to change with the introduction of The Cube.

In 1986 3D Systems founder Chuck Hall, developed the worlds first Stereolithography machine, so it is only fitting that this revolutionary personal printer should come from the creative minds at 3D Systems. Ready to print straight out of the box, users can simply download their design onto the printer and watch as the The Cube prints small objects (within a 140mm build platform) in a variety of colours.

In addition to catering for cost and space constraints within the home, The Cube caters for users with all levels of design experience thanks to the complimentary membership to Cubify.com, an online community which allows designers and users alike to share experiences, inspiration and (most important for those with no design experience) their designs.

With The Cube expected to go on sale early in 2012 we look forward learning just how consumers choose to use this technology, until then why not learn more on it from Rajeev Kulkarni ( VP of 3D Systems)

Video: First look: 3D printing in the home with the Cube

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