Feb 16, 2012
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The Home of the future has arrived – and it has its very own 3D printer

Upon entering, you be forgiven for thinking you had stumbled onto the set of a futuristic sci-fi movie, thanks to the range of high tech gadgets on display including a key-less entry system, autonomous robots and a mind control relaxation tool, the reality, you have just stepped into the Perera family home.

The Perera’s are a normal UK family who have had their home completely transformed as part of the Channel 4 Home of the Future series. Overseen by futurist Chris Sanderson the six week transformation project filled the home top-to-bottom with cutting edge technology and gadgets.

And what futuristic home would be complete without its very own 3D printer. Chris Sanderson said “The highlight for me, was the moment the 3D printer arrived at the house. It was like the moment a TV came to a village for the very  first time. To come face to face with it and get a real glimpse. It was hugely exciting to be able to design and object and see it being made in front of your eyes.”

While for some this Home of the Future may appear unrealistic much of the technology fitted is not really new at all, rather it is existing technology that has become newly almost affordable. The option for example of biometric entry systems for example has been around for a number of years however until now, it has been the preserve of large corporations. With economics and ease of use continuing to play a role it is more likely than you might think that one day we all might be living in the home of the future.

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