Apr 16, 2012
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3D Chocolate Printer now for Sale

Choc Edge release Choc Creator Version 1

Choc Edge release Choc Creator Version 1

University of Exeter spin off Choc Edge Ltd have launched the world’s first commercial 3D chocolate printer with the first machine put up for auction on EBay on Monday 9th of April.

Using melted chocolate in the place of metal or plastic the Choc Creator works in the same way as other 3D printers, extruding material layer by layer to build intricate designs in 3D. With a simple and versatile design, the 3d chocolate printer aims to allow users to make chocolate figures up to a maximum of 175 x 175 x 70mm. Using open source 3D printing software the Choc Creator Version 1 will allow customers to simply design an object on their home computer and upload files to the printer via USB connection.

With Choc Edge Ltd aiming to sell between 500 and 1000 units in the next 3 years the team are hoping to generate interest amongst British retailers and confectionery manufacturers, with UK’s largest specialist retailer and manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery goods Thornton’s having expressed an interest in Choc Creator.

Unfortunately with  a price tag of £2,888 (excl. delivery) and certification for home by the relevant authorities still pending, the Choc Creator is best suited to companies wishing to test the machine out rather than the average chocoholic.

The Choc Creator – from Choc Edge Ltd

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