Jan 24, 2012
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Rapid Prototyping bureau releases complimentary Automotive Report

With the UK Automotive industry reporting growth in 2011, Rapid Prototyping bureau Laser Prototypes have released the latest in their series of Additive Manufacturing reports, focused on Rapid Prototyping as a tool for the Automotive Industry.

Boasting a strong history the UK Automotive industry appears to be fighting back against the global economic slowdown with Nissan Renault reporting a record 10% growth in sales during 2011. Premium brands too have experienced strong growth in 2011 with Rolls Royce quoting a 31% increase in UK sales.  The 107 year old Automotive giant attributes this sales increase to a strong dealership network and manufacturing developments, however it was the design launch of two bespoke collections that were cited by Rolls Royce as a key factor for the 2011 growth.

With continual development of product range central to the growth of UK automotive firms, this industry report highlights how Automotive leaders such as Aston Martin and Chrysler have used Rapid Prototyping technologies to minimise production errors and speed up the traditional design process. Learn just how tough prototyping models really are and uncover the materials and processes that help Automotive designs become a reality.

A complimentary copy of this report can be found in the downloads section of our blog.


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