Jun 23, 2011
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SLS helps produce the tennis racket of champions

SLS is used in design of tennis rackets.

SLS ensures optimal performance for new sporting equipment designs.

The tennis racket manufacturer of choice, for tennis stars such as Nikolay Davydenko, Juan Carlos Ferrero and Jelena Jankovic, Prince Sports has enlisted the help of SLS technology to ensure the optimal performance of their range of tennis rackets.

Working closely with a local rapid prototyping bureau, Prince sports required the manufacture of inserts/outer clips surrounding the racket perimeter and an  initial prototype 1:1 scale aesthetic model of a prototype tennis racket, which if the inserts/outer clips SLS manufacture proved successful would be the first in a series of 30 rackets inspired by this technology.

While initial testing of the inserts and outer clips unfortunately resulted in the insert giving way, th

ese early tests allowed for the initial design to be upgraded to enhance the performance durability of the overall insert design. For Prince Sports these early testings of the inserts are crucial to the performance of the overall piece, as loss of energy due to insert deformation will impact on the speed of the ball, a key consideration for tennis players competing against some of the worlds best players.

Once satisfied with the insert design a 1:1 scale model of the racket frame and bumper was produced, with all three parts assembled upon completion. For Prince Sports the prototype racket assisted in the further development of the aesthetics and functional of the overall design.

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